Children’s Grief

For many children and young people the death of a parent, caregiver, sibling or grandparent is an experience they are faced with early in life. Sometimes people think a child or young person who is bereaved at a young age will not be greatly affected, as they are too young to understand the full implications of death. This is untrue and unhelpful. Even babies are able to experience loss. A baby cannot cognitively process the implications of the bereavement but that does not mean that they do not feel the loss.

Children and young people need to be given the opportunity to grieve as any adult would. Trying to ignore or avert the child’s grief is not protective and can be damaging. Children and young people regardless of their age need to be encouraged to talk about how they are feeling and supported to understand their emotions.

Unfortunately Cruse Lancashire is currently unable to provide 1:1 or group support for children struggling with bereavement, however please see the below list for organisations within the Lancashire area that can help.   Additional information  for parents and Carers is also available on the Cruse website


For parents and carers


Cruse also provide a good web resource for young people - link below







Other resources are